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Just trying to help


Posted 10th June 2012 1721

I’ve tried helping this girl with her problems. She acts like she wants help, but any time someone tries to help at all, she gets angry. I asked online how I can help her and she found out and flipped out at me. I didn’t share her real name and I don’t know how she found it. She post everything on tumblr. She post all the hate messages she gets but NEVER post positive messages she gets. It’s like she wants people to think all she gets is hate. Any time I try to lighten her mood she acts like I just don’t understand and have no place telling her how to be happy. She will listen to any negative thing someone says about her though. She listens to the hate but gets angry if someone tries to make her happy. I don’t understand. I’m done with helping her.

bitch attention helping anger

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Posted by Anonymous 20th July 2012

She probably just wants attention. Just don’t make an effort trying to help her if she isn’t going to except it. It is just a waste of your time.

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