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Lazy bitch


Posted 7th March 2009 1919

I just caught my gf giving me a regifted present :/ I think it was for her dad from her sister, but he didnt like it.I didnt say anything but how shit is that :S

caught regifted present sister lazy bitch rant

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Posted by blergh 7th March 2009

:O you should have said something. or thrown it at her head.

Posted by Daddy 26th September 2010

Just give her sister something

Posted by the real question is 2nd October 2010

Did *you* like it?
Maybe she couldn’t afford a new gift. She’s your gf, try to understand.

Posted by Anonymous 28th April 2012

My “boyfriend” In primary school did that. He gave me a bracelet and when we “broke up” i said he could have it, Then he gave it to his friend who gave it to his crush. She was not very happy since she knew it used to be mine -_-

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