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Lazy customers


Posted 26th November 2008 2220

OHHH MY GOD! If I am serving someone on a till at the top end of the counter, why the hell do you go and stand at the till at the bottom end of the counter and expect me to serve you there!? Dont be such a lazy ignorant asshole and move your fucking feet!

serving counter bottom expect ignorant asshole fucking customers suck rant

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Posted by Daddy 27th January 2009

I have no clue what you are talking about.

Posted by Sunshine 3rd January 2010

Try scribble-doodling. What you do is:

Get a piece of paper.

Draw a squiggly circle when they piss you off. Stop when you feel better.

Repeat on the same spot until you either feel better or the paper tears.

With love,


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