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Like father like son, right?


Posted 3rd March 2014 913

I’m so fucking sick of my dad and my eldest brother. I love them both dearly, but there’s shit they do that makes me want to burn our goddamn house down.

Let me just start off by saying that my dad has a head injury from a few years back, and in no way does the fact that he has mental issues bother me. He has terrible memory, yes; he’s partially deaf, yes; but there’s things that he’s done even before he had gotten into an accident that just makes me so angry. First, he’s always correct. Ever since I could remember he’s always been a know-it-all, even if he’s arguing about something with someone who knows everything about the subject, while he knows diddly shit. He’s also a fatass who can’t do anything himself; even BEFORE his injury HE STILL FORCED OTHERS TO MAKE HIM A FUCKING SANDWICH. He’s always verbally attacked my mother and just treats her like garbage. He hasn’t worked in years (now it’s because of his brain accident, but years ago it was because he was/is a lazy shit) and acts as though he controls all the money in the house, even though my mother works 40+ hours each week just to make us get through. My bedroom is in the basement, right? Well, it’s more of a corner of the room that’s, like, 7×7 ft big and has no real walls or a door. My mom spent so much fucking money buying supplies for him to finish my room and I’ve been waiting FIVE FUCKING YEARS FOR A DOOR. HE PUT A GODDAMN BLANKET UP AS A DOOR.

The attic of my house has always been used as a bedroom and I want it like crazy BUT NO I CANNOT HAVE IT BECAUSE MY BROTHER IS LIKE, FUCKING 28 AND STILL LIVING AT HOME. He never cleans, he doesn’t know how to hang a jacket up, he drinks all the goddamn milk… ugh. He works at fucking wal-mart because he can’t get anything better. He always complains about work and how shitty it is, when he doesn’t deserve anything better. He never even tried going to college (he ‘thinks about it’) and isn’t qualified for anything other than fucking grocery stores. He has a girlfriend, and she’s a sweetheart and I feel awful because she doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into; still, I pray that they move in together so I can have that goddamn attic and treat in nicely, unlike his ass who spills shit everywhere.

My mom and I are always together, while my brother and dad are always together; we’re practically teamed up against each other. I have another brother who’s 24 and he’s moved out with his girlfriend because he couldn’t stand being in our house anymore. I’m proud of him, if anything.

My brother and dad fucking stay up from midnight to 5am talking in the living room about shit, yelling at each other from the kitchen and throwing pots around, while my mother and I are trying to get some sleep as we have school and/or work the next morning. My dad fucking stalks my internet browsing and has that software that lets him control your computer (hey, fucker), and I’m always paranoid he’s watching me. I just want to watch porn sometimes, goddamnit. Then my brother is always going on about how he ‘rapes people online’ on the fucking Xbox, and my dad has been joking for the past couple of years that one day, “I’m going to get raped and murdered by a stranger,” because he thinks I’m fucking incapable of having a functioning thought and never watch my surroundings. I’m a paranoid fucker with social anxiety, father, I fucking notice everything you piece of shit. He literally thinks I’m borderline mentally retarded.

If you’ve read this whole thing then you deserve a fucking high-five from Jesus yourself because you’ve just caught a glimpse of my life with two fucking pricks who are raising my blood-sugar more and more every passing day.

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Posted by hooman 20th March 2014

Read the whole thing. Like your sense of humor. Sounds like a shit situation. Hope you can yoga or meditate out your frustration. That stuff will eat you alive if you’re not proactive. Good luck. Use the frustration to complete your goals. Then you only have to see the fools at Christmas! !

Posted by ihaveauselessfathertoo 20th March 2014

I understand what you are going through! My father has the same attitude as your father, but maybe worst at some points. My father does have a job, but he still tries to control everything. My brother is also a dick and acts like a dictator even though he’s the youngest. I also wanted to move out when I started college, but I couldn’t leave my poor mother alone with those savage beast. I wish you good luck and I hope that we both can get rid of these ignorant, controlling assholes

Posted by Anonymous 8th May 2014

I can’t pretend I know what it feels like for you, but I really hope you can find a way to get through this. Stay strong, because,hey, maybe your dad and your brother don’t listen to you, but there are people all over the world listening to you on this site. People do care.

Posted by livingwithignorantidiots 28th May 2014

I read it, and I applaud you for dealing with these fuckers. Has your mom considered divorce?

Posted by Anonymous 3rd September 2014

Hey you, just wanted to say I read it. Sorry about your crap household male cohorts. Someday you shall escape into your own place, yes?

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