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Posted 28th June 2011 65

I am undevoted,
I have no motivation,
I hate people,
I have no self-esteem,
I have no confidence,
I am untrutworthy,
I am an ass,
I am not kind enough,
I don’t make time for all my friends,
I don’t even work hard enough towards my own goals, so how can I possibly help my friends towards thiers?
I am selfish.
I am selfish,
Why, am I all these things?
Why, Do I even have friends, as devoted as they are when I am such a horrible friend in return?
Why can’t I face myself and cross out what I’ve become, a lazy, selfish, ignorant, undevoted, untrustworht ass?

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Posted by Beer Wench 5th July 2011

I just had this conversation with my friend, who shall remain “S”. You’re not! It’s all in your head! Get out of your own head, be with your friends & the people you love. It’s the only way you’ll feel your own self worth revive. Trust me, living in your own head ain’t the best medicine.

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