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Posted 9th January 2011 3039

Today I’ve come to the conclusion that my roommate is a total imbecile. She’s gone from being a petty annoyance when she first moved into my apartment, to someone I loath & now, someone I completely pity & can’t help but laugh at. I won’t go into too many details, but this girl is the most disrespectful, self-righteous, childish BITCH on the planet, I swear. Here, I’ll give you a brief, incomplete list of the shit she pulls/has pulled:

- made me pay the bill & tip when we went out to eat because her idea of a good tip on a $20-something bill is $1.00.
- she keeps her moldy food in the fridge for days, weeks, MONTHS until i can’t handle the smell anymore & clean it all out myself. she also keeps open cans of food, uncovered plates of food, etc in there. once, unbeknownst to me, she tried balancing a plate (one of my plates, of course) of pizza on the CAP of a gallon of my milk. i wanted a bowl of cereal so when i took my milk out of the fridge, my plate fell out & shattered at my bare feet. OUCH.
- informed me that she was no longer going to pay her portion of the cable bill, yet continued to watch TV until i told her she wasn’t allowed to. (THAT pissed her off big time)
- kept her pet rabbit in the house for months (no pets are allowed), didn’t feed/water it, didn’t clean its cage & let the poor thing sit trapped in there in its own feces. I couldn’t have guests over b/c the all asked me why my house smelled like a farm. thankfully she finally gave the bunny to someone who would properly take care of it.
- she kept multiple bowls of fish & frogs on my kitchen counters where i prepare my food & couldn’t be bothered to clean the bowls out except once every decade or so.
- she dragged all her friends through my bedroom w/out asking me to climb out my window & sit on the roof that covers our front porch. when i asked her to stop, her & her friends broke out the fucking screen in the other window that led out to the roof. i came home from work one night to see a group of kids playing loud music, dancing, partying & drinking on our fucking roof. i wish now i would’ve told my landlord about that one. just the liability alone that he had if one of those drunk fuckers fell off would’ve been enough for him to bitch her out.
- she breaks ALL of my stuff. then i clean it up after her. just the other day i was picking shards of glass out of my sink drain that she got in there when she broke my bottle of toner. oh, and she NEVER pays to have any of my broken items replaced.
- every single day, every single time she goes from room to room, she slams the doors as hard as she can.
- she bitches about me incessantly on twitter, like a child. (so why am i raging about her here, you ask? because it’s anonymous & this site isn’t a frequently-traveled one by my friends)

Through all of this (and WAY more), I have really tried to remain as polite to her as possible because i am not a very confrontational person. However, a few nights ago, that all changed. it was 2:30 am when she came home. My boyfriend & I were watching the end of a movie then heading to bed. All of a sudden, we heard a huge metallic BANG!! come from the kitchen & then she slammed shut her bedroom door so hard that it shook the windows through the house. My boyfriend went to see what happened. Unprovoked, she just walked into the house, picked up my $50 frying pan & chucked it onto the floor, putting a dent in the side of it & ruining it for anytime i want to put the cover on it, since it no longer fits.

What could I do?? I forbid her to use/touch absolutely anything in the house belonging to me. Unfortunately for her, everything in this place is furnished/owned by me. Being the disrespectful moron that she is, I walked in the kitchen this morning to find her using my toaster. I pulled her toast out of it & took it away from her.

“You seriously want me to get my own toaster?” she asks.
“Yup.” i reply.
“Fuck you.” she mumbles.
“No, FUCK YOU. You think you can throw my frying pan on the floor & then continue to use my stuff as you please? I don’t think so.” i said.

Of course, she was completely guilty so she didn’t respond after that. just stormed into her room & slammed the door behind her. typical. If that bitch thinks thinks i’m going to play roulette with my possessions & risk her having another one of her psychotic episodes & break something else of mine, she’s got another thing coming. i HATE her & will be watching her like a hawk for the remainder of the time we live together. If she lays another finger on any of my belongings, shit is going down.

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Posted by HELL YEA 1st May 2011

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! I say find a new roomate, and give her a 2 week notice to get the fuck out!!!!!!

Posted by best rant ever! 29th November 2012

omfg this just made my day the way you described this bitch i cant picture her doing everything you just said, give her the 2 weeks she’ll be wishing she was more civil when shes living somewhere else

Posted by ^^ 29th November 2012

i ment to say i can picture her not cant*****

Posted by Punk fairy 13th December 2012

I hope everything goes good 4u what u should do is write down what she does what she breaks of urs and ur land lords the photograph it as well that way u hv leverage over her tell he ship up or ship out. It’s ur stuff she’s breaking its ur place too no one should ever hv 2 live in a hostel environment and if it comes down to it use the evidence to take her to court to get some money back or even help the next person who may become her next roommate even if it comes down to it put a lock on ur door put locks on ur stuff at least till she gets the hint

Posted by Goodgirlgonebad 14th February 2016

I badly need roomie help . So I just moved into this apartment a couple of months ago and I have a roommate who is my classmate . We’re close (or so she thinks). Well she was OK at first, so caring , considerate and all but after a few months I noticed she’s being bossy, insensitive and nags at almost everything with teeny weeny highpitched bird who sounds like they’ve been choked or something.
She eats my food, drink my water although she have hers. Talks too loud on the phone at freakin’ 11:30 pm !!! I seriously need to sleep coz exams are approaching.
When she studies she turns her music too loud and sings with it.
And I can’t study anymore. We already talked about this but nothing happened.

So what should I do with my insensitive, bossy, nagging brat roommate ? Help please.

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