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Marriage problems :(


Posted 17th January 2009 3124

I have just found out my husband of 5 years has been stealing my underwear and secretly wearing it to work, i dont know how to feel about this or what to do :( plz help!

husband underwear fetish confession

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Posted by Anonymous 17th January 2009

Does it really upset you? cos I mean, it could be way worse. You should talk it out with him, maybe get some couples counsilling?

Posted by Anonomous 18th January 2009

Women’s underwear is a hell of a lot nicer to wear. I don’t blame him :)

Posted by anon 18th January 2009

you should strap it on and take him from behind. that’s the next logical step right?

Posted by Docid 19th January 2009

Wow, your panties fit him? is he skinny or……?? but hell, have a good look at mens undies sometime, they are made from rough cotton, with no concern to style or feel most of the time, then check out yours, theyre soft, theyre smooth, theyre sexxy…right? what would you rather wear?

But on a more serious note, are you somehow worried that your husband may be gay? Most men with transvestite tendencies are not gay (or at least not exclusively so) …. you really need to talk openly about this…if its just what turns him on….embrace it, and youve found a new source of spice in your relationship,…. if your just to uptight to accept his fetish, then ya need to ask youself if you love him or your own prudishness more…

Posted by its okay 23rd January 2009

I completely agree with Docid. So your husband might have a fetish. So what? It doesn’t change who he is. That’s just one aspect of his life. He’s not controlled by it. He’s not some sexual deviant. That’s a pretty tame and passive fetish if you think about it. He’s still the man you married and you love each other don’t you? He’s probably too embarrassed to tell you. (He might even get a little kick out of you not knowing or he might even want to be caught.) but if its a concern, talk to him about it. And please be understanding and open, not confrontational and judgmental. Many people have fetishes, but a lot of people don’t talk about it because they are afraid of being judged. It could be very very very embarrassing for him. But knowing he can trust you with such a deep deep personal thing, (Something he might even lie to himself about on some level) it’s only going to make your love grow. Love thrives on trust and understanding. Don’t be afraid.

Posted by The Proventer 25th January 2009

You are probably a)overweight. Congratulations!

Posted by Daddy 26th January 2009

You need to not say anything to him and let him do what he wants and ask him if theres anything you can do for him like a good wife.

Posted by Anonymous 9th February 2009

Haha….. don’t be upset with him…DO NOT…. would you rather him wearing your underwear or someone else’s??! And i’d say don’t let him know that you knew either. It might be the “you not knowing” that turns him on…

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