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My Bitchy Sister


Posted 3rd November 2011 37

My sister is a fucking bitch. She?s always causing the family shit by getting pissed off whenever someone says something she doesn?t agree with. She?ll scream and cry, then say she?s not upset at ALL. Then later, while she?s pouting, she?ll flip her hair and give you a glare. When I ask her to stop looking at me like that, she acts all innocent and goes,?What look? I wasn?t giving you any look!? It?s never her own fault. My family?s already screwed up enough as it is, we don?t need her adding her shit to the pile. Oh, it gets better. Whenever I?m pushed off the edge and try telling her off, she gives me this hurt look and starts crying her ass off. She?ll say,?I didn?t do anything!!! *sniff* What did I do?!? I didn?t do anything!! *tears stream down face*?
She?s obviously depressed. Mom and Dad say they?re TRYING to get her help, but nothing?s being done. It doesn?t help that we?re in the middle of moving and they?re already major stressed. She doesn?t seem to give a flying fuck if what she does hurts everyone around her. She?s a selfish bitch who blows up at anyone making a joke that isn?t even about her, but she takes personal offence at. I?m sick of it. I spend my free time listening to music and venting to the only true friend I have. I?m dying to get out, but I?m still a damn minor. So I get to wait a *lovely* few more years before I can get out of this hellhole. And I don?t even have someone physically here to help me (My friend?s still back where we moved from? Halfway across the country).
It sounds like my family?s some sort of sick excuse for one. But most of the time, we?re fine. The shit?s just been majorly spiked lately.
Gah. I just can?t wait until I can get out. Can someone come take me away?

sister bitch

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