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My Boyfriend


Posted 24th February 2017 21

My boyfriend is treated like absolute shit. He is honestly the nicest and most respectful guy i’ve ever met. Literally his parents make him clean his whole house, even their bedrooms and bathroom, call him names, have hit him, his brothers a complete dick, people at his school bully him. I can’t even explain how angry and sad this makes me. I mean we are both going to be out of our houses in two years so if he lasts that long i’m going to be happy. But he’s thinking bad thoughts and wants to leave… i’ve been suicidal since 7th grade and if he’s gone, all i’m going to have left is my mom who works a 15 hour shift everyday. I can’t lose him…

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Posted by Its ok 5th July 2017

Its ok I’m sure he will stay with you. You sound nice.

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