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My age… Is it really…?


Posted 18th April 2009 1821

I’m actually 30 but thankfully women still think I’m still 24. Which means I’ve been getting dirty with some really hot student types - especially ones with big boobies. I don’t wish to be forgiven. I just wish to whole-heartedly recommend it. I LUV it!!!!

shag student dirty women girls boobies tits

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Posted by Anonymous 19th April 2009

Paedophile. Hand yourself in before you get caught by The Sun

Posted by Anonymous 20th April 2009

Fuck off you dumb prick. Post again when you lose your virginity faggot

Posted by Anonymous 8th June 2009

I agree with the first two comments. wanking over porn for 30 years can’t be healthy for you pal. Lose your virginity before your dick falls off yeah

Posted by Anonymous 10th June 2009

get in there mate

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