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My ex boyfriend


Posted 26th November 2008 1313

I’m still in love with my ex boyfriend, probably more now than when we dated, because even though we do not have the “titles”, we are closer than ever. He is my best friend, however I know he’s out looking for the next best thing. So I am confessing that I’m a dumb girl for not moving the @#% on. The end.

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Posted by Anonymous 26th November 2008

I know how you feel, I’ve been broken up with my ex for a little over a year and I still love him soo much. I can’t get him out of my head. And it hurts so bad to see him with another girl. And now we talk and have such a good time together when we hang out. Just like it used to be, and I miss it soo much. So if your stupid then I guess were in the same boat:(

Posted by Anonymous 26th April 2009

I know what you are going through…I have been holding on to my love (my X) hoping and wishing we will be back together n deep down I know I am just wasting my time but my heart won’t let him go…sighs

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