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My man is always grumpy, i do EVERYTHING for him, help!!!!!!!!

Posted 14th December 2011 14

I’m pissed off!!!! I am sooo stressed out, i have so much on my plate right now it’s unreal, i barely have enough time to take a shower or wash my hair!!!A little background info…. we live together, have done for a while, we have a child together, i give our child all the attention she needs!! I’m up at 7am every day, i feed the baby….. numerous times a day, change it, bathe it, play with it etc etc etc… i do the cleaning, the laundry, the shopping, the cooking, car maintenance, garden weeding…. you name it, i do it….. PROBLEM…. my partner seems to think he can have a long lie everyday (until at least 2pm) sit on his arse all the time and do bugger all then he has the cheek to moan at me for one simple thing!!! I have had enough, i am at breaking point, i love my bf with all my heart but i am ready to leave with our child! I just dont want our child only seeing its father a couple of times a wee. Guys.. why do you jeopardise a great relationship and a lovely family?? Is having to pair up your own socks really that bad?????? FFS FUCK MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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