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My mom…


Posted 26th December 2011 67

Ok, so I self harm, and every time I cut, I have to tell my mom. (Doctor’s orders) However, every time I tell my mom, she throws a pen or a plate on the floor and start saying that I am a selfish and ungrateful daughter and I should die. My cuts are getting deeper and deeper, and I feel like I can only talk to a teacher at school and anonymous websites.
When I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I was really scared and lost about what to do. I went to my mom for her support, but she laughed and called me “psycho” and “a monster.”
Today, I tried baking cookies and they came out as a failure. I just said, “Oh, should I throw them out?” Because they were burnt and smelled bad. My mom slapped me and said, “I dragged my feet to the market to buy these. You are so selfish!” and she didn’t help me at all. -_-*
I love my mom, but she can get self centered and forget to think of what I feel. I know she’s tired with work and taking care of me, but it’s like she uses me as a verbal and physical punching bag. Thanks for letting me rant about this, really helped me. :)
I might be selfish about this too, but I can’t let her verbally and physically abuse me. :/ I’m younger than 16, so I can’t move out and live alone. Oh well…

schizophrenia selfharm cutting verbal physical abuse

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Posted by Senpai 1st December 2016

You can move in with me D:

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