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My parents are getting a divorce.


Posted 4th January 2009 88

My parents are getting a divorce. I’m 17.

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Posted by Anonymous 4th January 2009

The majority of peoples parents get divorced, you’ll get over it in time, you’ll probably only be slightly fucked up as a result, well done!

Posted by That’s a drag 4th January 2009

Doesn’t matter how many people’s parents get divorced, it’s still the shits. Sorry to hear it. Hope they keep most of their emotional junk separated from their relationships with you. Nothing worse than being the kid-pawn in a divorce process.

Posted by Mother Puncher 7th January 2009

yeah, my parents divorced when i was like 13. At least at 17 you’re basically old enough to go about life on your own. at least your childhood might have been happy.

Posted by Anonymous 14th January 2009

Sad news. Although it happens a lot. Just make sure you don?t take sides or allow them to pull you into the rubbish. This is their mess to sort through.

Posted by Anonymous 15th January 2009

My parents got divorced when I was nine and they were mean people for the next six years!! I’m 19 now and I made it through alive a little screwed up lol but alive non the less. You will be fine. At least you old enough where you can be on your own somewhat. Just remember no matter what they do they still love you!!

Posted by In the same boat 7th February 2009

`My parents divorced last year. It sucks at the time but believe me you’ll get through it. Both my parents are now happier people because of it. Plus as weird as this sounds it strengthens you as a person. You’ll be grand!! Hey it happened to me and i’m only a little fucked up! Save money on a therapist and just buy the couch! :)

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