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My parents love to bully


Posted 12th April 2014 1728

It started when Guild Wars 2 came out. I had been so psyched for the game and talked about it constantly. Then my parents bought it soon after it’s release. My step-dad got two copies for about 110-120 dollars. One for him, the other for my mom. He promised at Christmas, I could have a copy of the game. Christmas was months away.
After I got the game (at Christmas, as promised, but my parents already had 2 level 80s) my family’s “game night” became logging into an MMO and playing together. This worked greatly because I often wasn’t at home and we could still talk and have fun. Then, our guild, run by a wishy-washy, never-satisfied idiot decided he was going to destroy the guild we had worked for months to get running instead of transferring the leadership to someone else. Furthermore, my step-dad and Mr.Wishwash went to a new guild and stirred up drama, causing their new guild to get pissed and haunt them throughout the server (it was a big guild, apparently). So they transferred all their characters to a new server (an expensive manuever). My mom requested she be switched as well. They did all this without telling me. No phone calls, no Skype, our Ventrilo chat room is missing, no one gave me any warning. When I found out, I asked my step-dad if I could change servers as well. He told me just to delete my existing ones and start over, because it’s too expensive. I don’t remember the costs, but I do remember between him and my mother, they transferred 9 characters to the new server. I had ONE character to transfer.
A few months went by with my parents having “family game night” without me, and I grew increasingly frustrated as they continuously talked about the new server, guild, raid, party, Teamspeak, etc. I grew even angrier when all of Dead Island and it’s DLC came out in one huge pack on sale, and my parents bought two copies. Dead Island was a game I had wanted since it was first mentioned. And my parents didn’t buy me one until they had gotten neck-deep in the game.
I had my own copy of Dead Island, got caught up to them story and level-wise, and then I drive in-game. Mind you, my driving experience is limited to the Playstation controllers, so when I accelerated and immediately jumped forward (you can’t control speed on a keyboard) and hit an obstacle, I realized I was out of my element, but I was determined to learn…I hit everything on the way to the quest area, with my parents making jokes the whole time. At first, we all thought it was pretty funny, and I let my step-dad drive until I got an Xbox controller and practiced driving with it. I drive much better now, to the point where no longer hit anything except zombies and punks, and have driven the in-game vehicles several times without even chipping the glass. But the jokes haven’t stopped. It has been months, but my parents haven’t let it go. Every time we even see a car, the “jokes” start. I drive better than my step-dad in-game, but he still makes fun of me.
Tonight was the worst. We were playing the game and had a relative over who was watching. I got to the car first, and it started. First, my parents insisting on finding another in-game car since I refused to not drive. Then mocking me as I made my way to the quest area. They were so focused on making fun of me in front of the relative, that they actually went the wrong way and got themselves nearly killed. I made it to the quest area first, and killed and looted everything alone. They acknowledged my achievements, and for a moment, I thought it was done. But they saw how I had parked the vehicle, crooked and blocking a road so no more zombies would charge into the area. They continued to mock me and I began feeling as I did in school when I was being bullied and the teachers would ignore it or tell me to get over it. My parents were bullying me. My relative laughed at me. I felt like crying, or quitting, but I knew if I did that it would be letting them win. When I asked them to stop, they jeered at me repeatedly asked if they needed to call the “whaambulance”. I continued to play, as I enjoy the game, not the group, and cleared a part of the next quest area, where the jeering stopped until the end of the session, when I tried to tell them that I didn’t appreciate their comments about my in-game driving. They insisted that it was funny, all I replied with was “Not really”. The mocking has stopped for now, but the feelings haven’t. I can’t cry because I’m home and their just going to keep being fucktarded dicks about it. I thought family game nights were supposed to be fun for everyone, but really it’s just a way for my parents to remind me that I’m a piece of shit. I’m already depressed as it is, but things like this make me want to kill myself. If I’m just an entertaining target of my parents “jokes” and nothing more, maybe they’ll finally think about how I felt when they have to pay for my coffin.

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Posted by Anonymous 12th April 2015

Stop playing with your parents, at least with the MMO’s you have tons of people at your fingertips who might actually WANT to play with you and you could make some friends who are happy and waiting to run dungeons or PvP with you when you log on. It’s not like you have to pay a monthly fee to play GW2, you don’t need them to play it with you and it doesn’t sound like you’re sharing a computer with them. Fuck “family night”, it sounds like family time for you sucks- if they tease you relentlessly do not play with them. It’s not funny or cute to tease a kid, it doesn’t matter how much you fucked up or suck or whatever they think… it’s painfully juvenile. You’d have more fun playing by yourself then being heckled the entire time you’re playing. It’s also impressive your stepfather isn’t mature enough to not stir up guild drama like a fucking 19 year old with imbalanced hormones, congrats, he sounds like a winner.

Posted by Anonymoose 29th April 2015

Seriously. Stop playing games with your parents. They’re fucking awful.

Your parents may have been trying to give you a hint that they wanted some alone gaming time (not buying you a copy of the game they’re playing, transferring servers after you joined) but if that’s the case, they still suck at it. Their behavior is awful, immature bullshit.

You need to let them know that playing games with you is a privilege, not a right. If the only way they can have fun is by tearing you down, you need to disconnect and find healthier people to game with.

Take charge of your life and set some boundaries ASAP.

Posted by Anon 14th June 2015

Seriously?? This is what you’re upset about? Video games? Wow, you do realize that you aren’t entitled to priveledgy stuff like that, right? Grow up and stop being so self-entitled. The world doesn’t revolve around you and your family probably had a legit reason to not include you in these things. Maybe it has something to do with your whiny personality.

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