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Needs a…talking teddy bear?

Posted 4th August 2011 1023

I’m considerably blessed.. Decent house, clothes, school, friends,etc. However, my parents split, my mom was cheating on him, and he has his shortfalls, which is the first thing that makes me pissed as hell. Then I have this disease that causes excessive hair growth, from resulting thyroid problems, weight issues, blah nlah. And no one really gets it. So woot more stress. Then because of all that, boys=yeah.right….and I realllly hate bitching like this, but some days all I want is someone to listen to me rant and while I cry… But no, all my friends just get awkward when I.try to.them.. And my parents…yeah right. I used to have my grandma, but for aone reason (which he drs say is not alzheimers or demntia,) she is lossing it.. So here I am, forced to tell a bunch of people who neither care nor can.comfort because welll duh… All because it at least might give some respite for awhile.

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