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Never felt anything like it.


Posted 16th April 2009 413

Why does this hurt so much? I never thought it would feel as bad as this. I trusted him, he said he would never hurt me and he has, in the worst possible way. I know i have to let him go but i can’t, it’s too damn hard. I don’t believe his reasons either, they don’t make sense. If he doesn’t want to be with me then why was he crying after he left? Why was he wiping tears away when he thought i couldn’t see? I guess i’ll never truly know why and that’s the worst part!

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Posted by Anonymous 20th April 2009

God damn emo. Eat some ice cream or something

Posted by Anonymous 16th May 2009

I completely understand what you are going through hugs

Posted by Anonymous 8th June 2009

Stop listening to My Chemical Romance plz

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