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Posted 30th November 2008 1716

Do you ever feel that your just kind of stumbling through life, kind of taking things as they come and not really doing anything proactive to improve your situation? It’s not like my situation is bad, just there are some things that I would change if I could…but I don’t…I mean I don’t put any effort into making those things change in my life. When I was younger and in love, and had NO money, I used to think that money would solve all my problems. Now that I am older, not so much in love but have enough money, I now know that love is what solves all your problems. If I had both at the same time the world would be a great place, I envy those that DO have both as they are probably truly happy.

I just want to be happy is that to much to ask?


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Posted by Anonymous 3rd December 2008

I mean I don’t put any effort into making those things change in my life.

You need to, no-one else will do it for you. I was like this a few years back, I thought my life was so bad but I wasnt doing anything to fix it. So I started to fix it :P Now I’m living with my bf, in our little house, halfway through my degree and I’m very very happy. It can be done, you just need to do it.

Posted by Daddy 27th January 2009

Having the money is more important, you can always buy love.

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