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Posted 27th November 2008 2422

Not a day goes by when I dont imagine my death or the death of someone close to me. I just like to plan out all the various ways and peoples reactions to them. Maybe it has something to do with my need to plan years into the future.

imagine death peoples reactions future confession

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Posted by im your peach 30th November 2008

When i was in elementary school, I started a habit of writing a will each day. This went on till middle school. In high school, I cried in the shower every night. In college, I got into drugs. Now Im much older, i stop doing any of those. Upon reflections, I have always been considered as “the most happy person in this world”….. are you a clown like me too?

Posted by Daddy 27th January 2009

I guess your ok as long as your thoughts dont include a noose and a wobbly stool, or a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Posted by Anonymous 17th March 2009

it could also be called OCD…seriously my psych teacher told us stories of some of his patients and their “habits”…this defintiely sound like it fits the bill

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