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Oh Dear Lord


Posted 29th March 2012 1016

I see you on the bus and we have a decent conversation. However, when we get off, you come over to my house and smoke in my backyard, smoke in he graveyard across the street, smoke in front of the church I live next to, bring me over to your house so you can smoke and drink there, offer me a cigarette and a beer and when I say no you say press on and tell me it wont kill me if I do it once. You even brought your boyfriend to your house while I was there and said that you twowere gonna have sex while I stayed over that night. You said that I could join in if I wanted to. I didn’t want to be there. I go home and the next day you say that as soon as I left, you two did it. You are 15 years old and on a downhill slope. You told meyou were trying to get pregnant at a young age and you didn’t want to tell your boyfriend because he didn’t want kids.

Lets count the wrongs. 1 underage drinking. 2 sex before marriage. 3 underage smoking. 4 trying to get pregnant at a young age. 5 trying to get your friends to join in on your wrong doing. 6 lying to your boyfriend

That was just six things you have done wrong that I know of. What else have you done that you haven’t told me?

decent conversation backyard graveyard street church cigarette brought

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