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One sided love

Posted 31st March 2011 97

I’m in love with my best friend. It has been almost 1 year that I liked him and like usual, I can’t confess to him because that’ll ruin our friendship. We do everything together. He is a bit attractive and cute. Sometimes the stuff he does is so funny and it’s great to be with him…sometimes. Often, I can’t control my feelings and “jokingly” flirt with him. I said I love you to him and try to link arms with him, but he always let go. I tried to flirt with him but he always rejects me. He said it’s weird to do these “couple like” things with me, who is a close friend. So… The problem is that I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM AND I DOUBT THAT HE FEELS THE SAME WAY. There are times he treats me horribly. I feel so freaking down after he be mean to me and his harsh words hurt me more than ever and that is because I like him. Tonight I asked him a question on some homework, but I barely ask him because he doesn’t like helping people on schoolwork. He got annoyed at me and called me dumb and all these other mean things. That hurted so much. I know that sounds ridiculous but right now I’m at the borderline at crying a river because I love him so much, but all he does is treat me worse and worse. He treats me worse than his other friends. But he tells me private things he wouldn’t tell other people… So I guess that makes us best friends? I don’t know anymore. Plus, he doesnt even consider me as his “best” friend. Maybe if he does or say something horrible for the billionth time, I might as well CRY IN FRONT OF HIM and end our “best friend” relationship. For you, the guy that will never love me.

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Posted by Someone 1st April 2011

You deserve better. He is NOT worth your tears! That is some son of a b!!!!

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