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Open Relationship my ass


Posted 9th April 2011 2622

FUCK YOU! why do you want to have an open relationship!?!? wtf is so bad about me huh???? you get soooo FUCKING pissed and me everyday when i do NOTHING WRONG!! you get so mad at me because maybe i got a lil crush on my friend Nick BIG FUCKING DEAL!! the whole first 8 months of our relationship all i heard about was “Darla this, Darla That I miss Darla!!” FUCK HER!! shes a stupid fucking fat cow and can go burn in hell for all i care!!! but now ohh wait.. maybe one day yeah i did fuck up a lil i hung with Nick when i should have gone to your house and check on you .. yeah i cuddled with him … yeah HE kissed ME! SORRY IF HE CARES ABOUT ME MORE THAN YOU FUCKING DO! that was in JANUARY! and now i come on xbox live to talk to you cause you know i miss you and i haven’t talked to you in like two days and all you can say is “Heyy remember when we talked about having an open relationship… can we ?” NO WE FUCKING CANT YOU STUPID FUCKING ASS HOLE SON OF A BITCH!!! I FUCKING HATE YOU SOMETIMES!! you got mad at me cause i was in my underwear on cam for that kid…. and now you want to fuck Shelby… WHY THE FUCKK>ASFLKHDFLSJDF:KJHF:LADHKLDFH:OSDFHHDSHFDSHKSFADIOHADSOIFSDHGSFHDSFHIJFDSHKADSHKLFDSB’HDY i fucking hate this… you tell me on my BIRTHDAY that you had a wet dream… YOUR FIRST WET DREAM… about Micah.. no not me FUCKING MICAH!! how am i supposed to feel about that when you said “first two things i thought when i woke u…. Ohh Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!, then Man i should tell Hannah..” Fuck you that’s bull shit you just “FEEL BAD” bull shit you don’t like having sex with me anymore.. not because its not good… but because ” i don’t like defiling such a perfect angel..” that’s the biggest bullshit I’ve heard in my hole fucking life…. and you get mad at me when i admit that Nicks really attractive…. but you fucking point out hot girls all the fucking time….you don’t love me… just tell me please… i hate this… i love you.. but you don’t love me.. you want to have a foursome with Micah and someone who practically raped me and you get mad when i get to scared too.. wtf is your problem… i hate this so much… all you do is sit on your ass all day and play Halo reach… wtf… and you get mad at me when itry and talk to you while your playing… wtf ……. i love you…. please.. just stop…FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!

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Posted by Anonymous 10th April 2011

Open relationships are simply starting points for the failure of a relationship. One party is too much of a coward to end it, so that safety net exists to fall back on if thier prospects during the ‘open’ stage fails.

Don’t waste your time. Move on, find someone you don’t have to have these insecurities with.

Posted by Anonymous 10th April 2011

” i did fuck up a lil i hung with Nick when i should have gone to your house and check on you .. yeah i cuddled with him … yeah HE kissed ME! ”

wow. hypocrisy.

Posted by Responding to Anon two 12th April 2011

okay dude he wants to have SEXUAL FUCKING INTERCOURCE with some chick i dont even know. I was AMAZINGLY depressed that day and i knew my boyfriend wouldn’t care!! okay so go fuck yourself!

Posted by Anonymous 25th April 2011

welcome children- this is what real love looks like. not like that disney movie at all is it?

Posted by you whore. 8th May 2011

You remind me of my ex girlfriend, who was a manic-depressive compulsively lying whore. Let him fuck those girls, he probably loves you but just wants to bang them and until you let him, its not going to leave his mind. He is probably mad at the fact that you went to some guys house and “cuddled”. If that’s what you said, and I were him, I’d have heard “I sucked his dick” or “I fucked him” So admitting you went and “cuddled” was dumb, if youre not going to do it again, and that IS all that happened, you should have just shut your whore mouth and not done it again, end of story.

Posted by part two 8th May 2011


Posted by Anonymous 21st June 2011

This is the worst relationship I ever heard about. All of y’all are fucking idiots.

Posted by Ichi 4th August 2011

I honestly think you should dump his ass and find someone who gives enough of a fuck about you that they won’t openly point out a hot chick or talk about sex with other people until you talk about it first. And the whole deal with you and Nick, Nick kissed you, right? Your Boyfriend should understand that things like that happen. And he should also understand that a girl cuddling with a guy friend is not a big neon sign that says “WE ARE FUCKING”. I say you tell him off. If you can anonymously tell the entire online world, then you should probably be able to tell your boyfriend to his face.

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