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Overworked…I just need to disappear


Posted 29th December 2008 1821

I honestly havent had a day off to do nothing and not be bothered by anyone in over a year! Even those days when I dont go into the office, there is still usually someone at home whining at me to clean. (I really dont feel like fucking cleaning up everyone elses’ mess!) Also this past couple weeks I worked a small mindless holiday job on my holiday days off and know that I have started back up here at my office job I am dead tired. All i really want to do Is travel to some exotic location and have no distractions and have someone wait on me. I work my ass off to make it through school and pay off my car, with extremely little help from my parents. And if I do ask them for a lil’ financial help (you know like $100 once a year if that!) they blow up on me, telling me that I am irresponsible with money, when the reality is that i have been on my own for the past 3 years and are doing pretty well I might add.

I guess all I’m asking for is a lil simpathy and understanding from my family..Is that too much to ask??

tired working college student

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Posted by Jack 2nd January 2009

Course its not too much, some people are just so weird about money and responsibility :S

You better be careful though, you might burn out soon if you carry on like this.

Posted by Daddy 27th January 2009

I would take up a drug. Weed can be inexpensive and a nice escape once in a while.

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