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Payback’s a bitch.


Posted 15th October 2010 1511

I don’t see why you are even trying to get with me anymore.

You are a manwhore, a player, and a cheater. You always have been. Yes I admit, you are charismatic and can get pretty much any girl who is ignorant to your powers of persuasion to flop over on their stomachs like cute little puppies that just “OMG want some luvin’ ” and yes I will admit I was one of them. But you constantly flirted with women, never even told them that you had a girlfriend. Oh no, you relied on the widely known woman super power women have to zoom in their vision 3x the average human to see the really tiny text on a dog tag hanging around your neck that stated our ‘love’ to let them know you were taken. If they didn’t see it? Psh, whatever, it doesn’t matter!

So you expected me not to flip a shit when I found out you had a 23 year old woman come LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE and NOT TELL ME ABOUT IT? I’m not stupid. I have found your cheating exploits out every single time they happened before - do you really think I wouldn’t get suspicious when you stopped calling me while you were at home? I’m a woman. I can figure things out easily and quickly. You, on the other hand, were mentally challenged when it came to hiding your affairs from me. Seriously, it was jsut sad.

Surely, your ‘movie marathons’ didn’t last two months straight. I had to hear it from one of your friends, who had the DECENCY to tell me what the heck was going on. I call your phone, and SHE answers it. She tells me you two were together.

Fuck. You.

Fast forward almost two years from then, maybe three. You want me back. You tell me how much you miss me and how you have worn that tag ever since I left you and regretted being without me. That I was the best thing you ever had. You swear you would come to my campus and proclaim your undying love to everyone on the central square with a bullhorn.

Well guess what, dipshit?

I laugh at the face of your patheticness, wipe my hands clean and give myself a pat on the back.

I told you so, mother fucker.

So what do I do, wanting to get back at you? Hehe… think of the tiny glimmer of hope that I have given you for a possible re-ignition of our absolutely fabulous love life filled with screaming at each other, pointing fingers and ‘dog on leash’ lifestyle as the feather on the end of a cat toy that I old high above your head, little kitty.

You think you may have a chance.

Psh. I’m going to toy with your soul like the way you toyed with my heart. Then, just like you did, I’m going to rip it apart, slowly, painfully, strip by strip, meticulously smother them into a heaping pile of horse shit and then throw the fecal matter that was once your beating heart into a vat of acid.


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