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Piss the fuck off everyone.


Posted 14th July 2011 1319

I’m really busy with work now, my boss has gone off on vacation and people are hounding me instead of him. Also he said he would pay me before he left, but that hasn’t appeared yet. But my parents keep calling me. And I know they are my parents, and they gave me life, and put up with me for 20+ years but I know when I don’t answer that call they become upset and it’s something to complain about when I follow up. But seriously I just wish I could say to them, even though you don’t respect what I do because I’m not a lawyer/docter/accountant (I’m a graphic designer). BUT I AM BUSY DURING THE DAYS! DON’T CALL ME AT WHEN I AM AT WORK! SERIOUSLY! And just because it’s not a job you understand, it doesn’t mean it’s not work in is own right, just because it’s frivolous to them doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean something to me! And it may not always pay well, but for the most part the work makes me happy! But in addition to that today is just the day that I wish that everyone would PISS THE FUCK OFF!!!

work boss vacation people hounding parents calling

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