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Please just stop


Posted 17th June 2010 1515

I’m so sick of you complimenting yourself. You make an appearance and the only thing you talk about is you. You belittle others and advertise yourself. You talk about how *you* make everything interesting, how your sense of humor is superior, how everyone loves you… and you think that you’re welcome everywhere. Which is not true.

When I talk with my friends and you’ve just finished with yours, you join my friends and I not even thinking twice about whether or not we want you there. True, most of the time I don’t mind you, but every single one of them has at some point said to me “can’t you get rid of that?”. And I feel sorry for you. I’m sometimes so embarrassed on your behalf and nowadays every time you open your mouth I wish for earplugs. All you ever talk about is yourself, you, your opinions, how you’re amazing, how you want to be rich, how everyone adores you, how you’re a talent waiting to be discovered, how you’d do the world a lot of good, how you’re just special and different.

You dumped your boyfriend and ever since he found a new one, you’ve been badmouthing them both. You judge others without bothering to even talk with them. Your little sidekick is just as bad - yes, I know that she’s in love with you. No, I’m not going to tell anyone because it’s none of my business, really. Could you please teach her some manners? When someone who for some reason doesn’t speak clear English (foreigner, elderly, someone with a speech ailment of any kind) her impatient “What? I don’t understand you!” and “What are you saying? I don’t understand.” are really, really, really unneeded. Do you think that those people need her pointing out their problems with speech?? Does she think that THEY are not frustrated with it?? The mere memory of her throwing her hands up in frustration when a middle-aged woman (who spoke slowly and stuttered badly) tried to ask her about something makes my blood boil. She gets PAID to serve these people!!! How about earning that money and not acting as if she’s doing a favor instead of a job!?

Modesty and manners. I think I’ll go find a book about that subject and buy it for you.

Argh. You two piss me off.

annoying dumbass

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