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Posted 14th December 2012 25

AAAAHHH! Of all the people I could have been placed with it had to be you - you stupid blond loud mouth bimbo bitch!! Why, why, why!! All you do is fucking moan about everything and feel the need to be so loud about everything! Learn to have a fucking conversation rather than shout out everything with emphasis like your on some shit reality tv show cause your not, bitch. And why must you sing all the time cause you cant, its cringy and horrible and oh my god just shut up you cannot hold a tune maybe in your head you think your life is like paris hilton but its fucking not and never will be! You talk about all the money your going to make (even though you are doing one of the most pointless degrees possible that pretty much involves you sticking things to paper) and all its going to help you do is choose which outfit suits you better; McDonald, Burger King, Wendys, Dairy Queen? Ahhh stupid bitch fuck off i cant stand you

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