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Posted 14th December 2008 89220

I really don’t like black people.

It annoys me that they screw our women and kids want to be like them.

Got something to say? Post Now! It’s totally anonymous… rant or confess about anything!

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Posted by BNP Leader 15th December 2008

It’s OK my child, we all feel the same way!

Posted by Anonymous 17th December 2008


Posted by WVD 27th December 2008

Fyi white men screw black women too. Perhaps u should try it. U never know u might like it.

Posted by Daddy 26th January 2009

Im with ya. I hate when they are mixing with our women. I understand why they were brought here but when Lincoln freed them, he should have sent them back. No wonder he was killed. All i have to say is hang in there. Did you watch tv last tuesday? It looked like President Bush was on an episode of Planet of the Apes, and it was on every channel. What a horrible way to leave as last day as president.

Posted by AnastaciaBeaverhousen 31st March 2009

Ur just jealous cause they have bigger dicks!

Posted by Anonymous 16th September 2009

true we have bigger dicks and may be ile screw your wives and give tthem black babys ha ha

Posted by hey 11th March 2010

No you guys have it wrong.Its actually the other way around. white women are screwing with black men.

Posted by Anonymous 7th May 2011

what’s 12 inches and white?

answer: nothing :)

Posted by Anonymous 28th July 2011

I just don’t like most black teens who think they’re all that and the best shit that’s ever happened to this world. Most of them are so loud and childish and are just plain bitches. Know I did say MOST. I have black friends, but only a few, cause the rest of them annoy the hell out of me :/

Posted by Anonymous 30th October 2011

Racist pig

Posted by ol man mccree 8th November 2011

i also dislike mixing races, but it is ok to be friends with members of other races. I think I might dislike the mixing because white females are treated like trophies. It is like the black guy “made it” if he nabs a white girl.

Also, if children are created from the relationship, they are mulatto. And that better be on the census and demographic forms people fill out. Also, we can swap Caucasian for Whtie, Negroid for Black etc. And those words are not offensive at all as they are the words that properly descibe the races.

thank you all for listening . Good night!

Posted by whocares 28th January 2012

Wtf..really tho?!? What’s it too you? It’s 2012 and its also not your life their living. I’m a blk/white/native American and I love white guys not to mention my son is half blk/white. I dnt think its so much of the race its more about the individual themselves, everyone is different.

Posted by WeLikeToThinkWeAreSpecial 9th May 2012

Yeah fucking black people, being born and all, yeah blame them for all your problems fucking stupid BITCH!!!

Well I guess if my wife left me for a man of any race I would be bitching too.

Posted by Jezebel 18th July 2012

You are an asshat.

Posted by JuicePuncher 8th August 2012

I outta throttle you in your fartbox, you narrowminded pipsqueak jack tugger!

Posted by Anonymous 6th January 2013

Why not like black people? Isn’t it your women’s fault and your bad parenting thats the problem?

Posted by A Proud White Guy 9th February 2013

He’s just saying what we’re all thinking.

Posted by Bubble Gum 11th May 2013

I agree! I had niggers hit on me all of the time. I always told myself that I would never be desperate enough to date or fuck a black man. I found a good white man and I am happy that I did. I don’t know if I would have ever been able to live with myself if I had mixed children. I feel sorry for all of the white women out there that have to give birth to mixed kids. I feel like they have ruined their lives. They will never know what it’s like to have a normal life with beautiful white children.

Posted by dubbaguru 26th July 2013


Posted by Anus 5th November 2013

Careful, your chode is showing.

Posted by Anonymous 14th August 2014

Firstly, fuck you, you racist son of a bitch!
Secondly, i pray that you don’t or haven’t reproduced
Thirdly, i pity you because it is shallow minded people like you who make this world corrupt. I hope one day you see the light. Whether or not that means an early death…..

Posted by Vega 14th February 2015

I’m a person of darker skin tone. Born in this America. I’m not African. I’m not african-american. I’m an american hated/disliked by other Americans. And all it is is skin color you fraidy fucks.

Posted by closet racist 10th July 2015

I love black people. I hate entitled black people who hate whites just because they are white. the media is stirring up a race war. why don’t we just divide the county based on a ratio of white to black population (and other races who hate whites) and relocate all to designated white or people of color areas……..or just have a race war and whoever lives rules. I know this is ridiculous and I really do wish we could all just live together as neighbors but I am so sick of the hate whitey bull shit

Posted by Anonymous 14th March 2016

Chances are your child will be fucked by a black guy. Karma is a bitch

Posted by Anonymous 27th March 2016

Wow. This is sad. Hating people for the color of their skin is just wrong.

Posted by Anonymous 17th May 2016

you are a racist doofbag bro.

Posted by Anonymous 14th July 2016

no just no -_-

Posted by Anonymous 17th January 2017

I don’t mind it. I just don’t like the porn of it. If you don’t judge my interests, I won’t judge yours :P

Posted by Anonymous 24th February 2017

Ha boi dank af

Posted by meme god 14th April 2017

haha my boii u good but racism is against colors and god forbid, Shrek is green

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