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Posted 1st June 2012 1420

Just going too keep this quick, cause there are a lot of other rants on here that deserve more attention…

But recently my mom has been hurting me a lot lately. Nothing physical, and not hitting or anything, but ill be talking about how much it really hurt when my math teacher walked into my art class saying that I failed in front of everyone, and she’ll just say ”well, you never even try in math.” or ”well, she has a reason, you never even do your homework.”
Or ill tell her that my horrible math teacher sorts us at tables from how smart we are (obviously Im at the lowest table cause I don’t ”try”) And she just wont even respond, she’ll just keep texting her asshole of a boyfriend on her iphone.
She never says sorry if she feels bad and she hates talking about our relationship mother too daughter. Her way of feeling bad is buying me things and trying too make me forget.
And sure, this all worked very well for her when I hadn’t caught on, when I used too be a spoiled brat.

But mom, I just want you too stop making me cry at least once a week and pay attention, and not jumping too the conclusion that I ”obviously” don’t try.
I do try, in all my classes, but in math I just find it more challenging. Im not blaming it on this at all, but I do have a pretty bad case of A.D.D. I have taken a million tests for it and everything. And she knows that I have it, but she never understands that it makes working on thing a LOT harder.

Anyway, theres more, but I think Im done for not haha.

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Posted by A Mother 4th June 2012

Honey I hope your mom sees this. If you are doing bad in math (no matter how old you are) then your mom should sit down and help you with it. Even if she does not know how to do it she can put the time and effort into sitting with you untill it gets done, if nothing else for support. (If she expects you to do it then she should as well) And if that teacher put my child on the spotlight like that, the the princple would switch your classes or I would place you into another school. It does not seem that the school you are going to now is a very good one at all.

Dont let her bring you down. Keep trying.

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