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Posted 27th May 2009 2428

I hate the fact everyone in my life is in a relationship while I’m not (actually I’ve never been in a relationship or anything like that).
I’m feeling really guilty because sometimes I just wish everyone would break up, does that make me an awful person?

relationship feeling guilty person

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Posted by Anonymous 8th June 2009

No bbz, I totally agree with you. Couples suck!

Posted by Anonymous 2nd July 2011

Relationships aren’t that great…

Posted by In A Relationship 9th February 2013

Stop being a whiney asshole.
You’re alone because /you’re/ the problem.

Posted by Southerner26904 4th May 2015

Nah, most everyone that’s not in a relationship feels that way. Just wait for your significant other to come into your life. And you’ll be the couple that annoys everyone, and that’s ok.

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