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Remember When

Posted 22nd September 2010 1621

Remember when you were in a relationship how when it was near the end, you walk on eggshells while talking. Scared of what to bring up for fear it will cause a fight. Remember what its like when there is one still holding on. How they mention things that before would have started conversation. How they try to remind you that they still want you. Remember how you handled that? How when they would mention sex you would divert the conversation somewhere else. Remember when they would call you on it, there was always an excuse. When “I am tired” and “I don’t feel good” become more often heard then “I love you”. Remember when you realized “wow I am just not that into her”. Remember the guilt you felt? Remember how much longer you played that game until you actually told her. The entire time stringing her along, making her keep trying to only shoot her down. Why, What feelings did you save her from? How did you save her from the feeling rejection? Ever since you realized this, it has been nothing but rejection, she is obviously not enough, not what you want. Was it pride you saved her from? She has less now, because she has spent all this time trying to give her heart to someone who does not want it. All your doing is saving your own pride. Secretly you hope that she will just walk away so you don’t have to be the one to come clean. The best part is, you will read this and won’t even realize it’s about you. You will say “that’s fucked up” or maybe even “people are assholes when they do that”. You won’t realize or change your ways. You will only continue on your path calling everyone else out for being a “selfish ass”.

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Posted by broken 6th October 2010

This describes my situation exactly. My ex had been leading me on for the last 9 months, PROPOSED to me two months ago only to leave me for her ex girlfriend, saying that she ‘just doesn’t love me anymore’. BULLSHIT.

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