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Same Shit, Different Day

Posted 22nd November 2012 15

My mom likes to delude herself that her boyfriend is SO much better than her ex-husband (my dad). When he acts EXACTLY the same, like making cutting, passive-aggressive remarks when he’s drunk, losing his cool at the drop of a hat, or coming home and complaining about the first thing he sees before he can even say hello… she tries to pretend like nothing’s wrong, even when her body language and facial expression betrays her and I can tell she’s disturbed. Her pride won’t let her admit it though, after all the times she’s told everyone how much better off she is. I don’t say anything, I’ve learned through bitter experience that it doesn’t do any good, but fuck all if I’m going to stick around and visit and just take it quietly like she does. I had to grow up doing that my whole childhood, I’m not about to do it again and play pretend like she does. Whenever people ask her why it took so long to leave my dad after the way he treated her, she says she was too scared, because she didn’t think she could make it supporting us kids without his income. Well, we’re all grown up now mom, what’s your excuse now? And by the way, thanks for making us shoulder the blame for why you stayed in a miserable marriage. That’s just great.

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