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Seriously, there’s plenty to do.

Posted 16th September 2009 3321

What the FUCK!!
Apparently, “I don’t want to send my kids to daycare so I need to stop working and stay at home with the baby.” really means, “I wanna sit around and play games on Facebook all day while you earn a living to support us, clean the house, do the yardwork, walk the dog, and everything else that needs to be done around here.”
Sure, I get that you spend your day with the baby, feed him and then put him down for naps. But if he’s going to take 2 hour naps twice a day, maybe you could do something productive during that time.
Oh and when the baby actually is in bed at 6pm for the night, you don’t have to spend it watching TV. Maybe you haven’t noticed but that’s when I usually end up doing the dishes, or cleaning up the dog shit in the yard because none of this would get done otherwise since you’re worried about what’s happening to your mafia on Mafia Wars.
I’d like to have some down time every now and then too ya know!

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Posted by Demon Girl 17th February 2011

right on bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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