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She needs to get over it.


Posted 29th June 2011 65

A few years ago I had a CLOSE female friend. We were on the way to becoming TRUE LOVERS but some dang JERKS kept us from bieng togehter.

I really loved her and I had to really try to keep from doing stuff to her before we started going out. I would watch porn and imagine her face to get release. I even drew a picture of her to help this along. Unfortunately she had some friends who didn’t like me and had spent a lot of time being jerks to me. They did stuff like take pictures of me and post them on the internet and lie. They made her change her mind about me so she didn’t love me anymore.

I’m pretty famous online so I posted the picture on a site that was talking bad about me to show that I was straight. They kept trying to say that I was gay and I AM NOT. I AM STRAIGHT. My friend found it and dumped me. She’s really new to sex so I tried to explain the picture to her but these creeps had brainwashed her into thinking I was a loser.

It’s been years now and she still refuses to forgive me. I haven’t been able to find her but I wish she’d get over what those LIENING JERKS told her so we could at least be freinds again.

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Posted by Geekie 7th July 2011

Well… that’s horrible but you should have asked her if it was OK to post the picture first.

Posted by CWC 14th July 2011

Zap to the extreme, Sonichu!

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