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Shit Friend

Posted 17th October 2015 2725

Wow, so I’ve been best friends with this girl for 3 years now, and she legit just cut me off for no reason. I’m mad, sad and regretful. She was never supportive, honest nor trustworthy, why didn’t I notice every shit she’s been doing earlier?
Let’s call her ASS. Ass is such a fake bitch. ASS can tell me all about how this girl, BITCH, talks shit about me 24/7 and then the very next day, ASS would act like she’s BITCH’s bff. Like, shouldn’t ASS stand up for me? It’s not that hard to tell BITCH that it’s not nice to talk shit behind other people’s back.
I thought ASS was nice, so I told ASS about my shitty family problems. Until yesterday, I never knew everybody knows about it too. My guy friends told me ASS told them about it many years ago. I didn’t even know.
This school year, a new student came, she speaks the same language as ASS. Even if they both know English, when I hung around them, they only spoke in their language, leaving me left out and alone. Naturally, it made me a bit sad so whenever they do that, I would leave and hang with my other friends.
So, this year, I grew super close to the boys of my grade, the younger students and the older students. I still talked to ASS a lot because she was my BEST FRIEND. I couldn’t just leave her regardless of how shitty she treated me, I actually valued our friendship. However, over last weekend, ASS had a sleepover with 2 of our friends. I wasn’t invited, I didn’t even know about it. Since I was left out, when the guys asked me to hang with them, I accepted because I didn’t want to feel miserable that my best friend excluded me.
After last weekend, she never continued a conversation with me AT ALL. This week we barely interacted; she didn’t approach me, say hi to me or smile at me. I, on the other hand, would try to manage a conversation which she would cut short by saying “ohh!”.
She even began talking to this girl, we’ll call the girl CRAP. Last year, CRAP liked my guy best friend (call him BOO), and BOO liked her back too. However, despite her feelings for BOO, CRAP rejected BOO when he asked her out. BOO was brokenhearted and I was a shoulder to cry on as a friend. Naturally, since I was there for him, we bonded and we became super close. CRAP started getting jealous because I guess she finally missed him now that he was gone. She started creating rumors about me and Boo, and how we’re in love with each other. She hoped that it would make me and Boo feel awkward around each other. But it didn’t work because both me and Boo know 100% sure our friendship is pure. Going back to ASS, when we were still talking, ASS said she would support me 100% no matter what kind of situation this will become. However, when ASS cut me off this week, she started talking to CRAP so much and she was always around CRAP all of the time. Whenever I passed by them with my other friends, the twos started laughing loudly and teasing each other loudly. I really don’t get the point of that.
Can I add that ASS used to like BOO too? Is she also getting envious because BOO hangs around me too much?
If I confront her now, I’m going to be the one that looks bad like always. I’ve confronted ASS many times before because she was ignoring my texts, not talking to me for a period of time, not listening to me, being rude and hurting my feelings. However, she manages to always make it seem like I overreacted. And she would pretend to say “I’ll always love you the most. Even if you hate me, I’ll always be looking out for you. I’m sorry for what I did.”
Wow where is she now?
For some reason all of the girls I used to hangout with don’t even talk to me that much anymore. They all hang around CRAP and ASS. I can try to join with their conversation but mostly, it feels like they don’t want me around because I always hangout with the guys.
Idk, I’m kinda sad, angry, really left out and annoyed. I legit have no one to tell this to because, well, it feels like all of the girls are on ASS’s side. All of the guys would pity me and I really hate that. I don’t want to annoy anyone in general. So, yah.
Writing this down made me feel a hella lot better.

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