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So I know this douche bag.


Posted 30th November 2008 2520

There’s this dude that I go to school with. I never hung out with him until this year, but I only hung out with him because we were both with one of my friends (a girl). I always thought he was a pretty cool dude. But then after hanging out with him a few times I realized how much of a douche bag he is.

I just thought I didn’t like him because he was trying to get in my friend’s pants but no…he really is a douche. I went to the movies with my friend (dude) and my other friend that douche was trying to get in the pants of…oh yeah, and douche was there. Well it was before the previews and we’re all just sitting there and my dude friend says, “Oh, I gotta put my phone on vibrate.” Then outta no where for no fucking reason douche says, “Hey! Shut the fuck up!”

I was just so shocked by him saying that I didn’t do anything. I wanted to tell him, “If you don’t like him talking then why don’t you go sit somewhere else.” but I was just so confused as to why he would say that.

That’s only one example to support how much of a douche bag this guy is. There’s more but I’ll spare you. My dude friend and another dude friend of mine are the only ones that know how much I hate this guy. I try as best as I can to stay away from conflict and bullshit drama. I know that’s a good thing, but is it good to keep my anger bottled up like I do? Should I just lash out at this dude the next chance I get?

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Posted by Anonymous 30th November 2008

what a douche

Posted by Anonymous 30th November 2008

Just try to be friends for the sake of your mate, if you can’t then try an arrange stuff without him :P

Posted by Anonymous 30th November 2008

Life is to short to pretend to be friends with a douche…so frigg him…if you know he’s going to be around, find something else to do or someone else to hang out with.

Posted by Anonymous 30th November 2008

“Should I just lash out at this dude the next chance I get?”

Yes exactly, lash out all you want, bottling the anger is not good. You’ll end up going postal when youre like 45.

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