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So Tired…


Posted 4th December 2011 1520

I’m just so tired of being me.

I’m tired of fighting with my SO constantly. I’m tired of feeling worthless because I’m the one at home taking care of the kids and not bringing in money. I’m tired of the fact that we don’t have health insurance so I can’t get medication for my depression. I’m tired of wanting to hurt myself constantly because I can’t afford T or GRS or even Top Surgery. I’m tired of being in pain constantly and not having anything that I can do about it. I’m tired of having a stomach that gets so twisted up with stress that I can’t eat without the food coming back up, then getting yelled at by my SO for ‘doing that stupid not eating thing again’.

My friends come to me all the time with their problems. They’ve even suggested that I go back to college and get a degree in Counseling because I’m good at it. But how can I honestly try to help anyone else when I can’t even fix myself?

Got something to say? Post Now! It’s totally anonymous… rant or confess about anything!

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