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Something to be ashamed of?


Posted 27th February 2010 2416

‘So what do you do in your spare time?’

Well I like to write explicit gay porn…

It soothes me.

writing porn confession

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Posted by ohdear 19th March 2010

I like to read explicit gay porn when I’m bored. It amuses me.

Posted by daffodil 6th November 2010

Good for you , I love to read it lolxx

Posted by HannieMcDiz 9th April 2011

Ohh woow.. uhmm good job?

Posted by Anonymous 10th April 2011

i dont believe you. where is the evidence?

Posted by Anonymous 1st May 2011

heh- so it isnt just me then? good to know.

Posted by Ichi 4th August 2011

You are my new best friend…

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