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Stop being so concerned!


Posted 2nd March 2010 1416

Your a freak. You got that? A freak. Your like a stalker, except you haven’t quite gotten to the point of constantly observing my house. Or have you? Whatever, I don’t care. Just get the hell away from me and learn to stay away. I don’t like you like you think I do. I’ve told you that before. I don’t care what your delusional little mind thinks, I. Don’t. Like. You. I don’t like when you press up against me as we’re leaving class and walking in the halls. Yes, I know they’re crowded, but honestly. Give me some damn room to breathe! Stop trying to cheer me up when I’m not sad! Ever think that it may just be who I am!?! Or wait! We’re studying abnormal psych. in AP Psych right now! I don’t quite remember what it was called at the moment, but there was one disorder ( I do believe it was an offshoot of schizophrenia, dissasociative perhaps?) or maybe symptom of schizophrenia that stated that a person could just kind of not use emotions ever again or something like that? Yeah, maybe I’m showing early signs of it. If so, GET A DAMN CLUE AND LEAVE ME ALONE!

And stop acting as if you know what’s best for me. You give me these corny letters about how I’m your best friend and how I’ve really changed you. BS. You changed yourself, and you did it for the worst. I don’t need you trying to mold me into a damn copy of you! So stop asking if I’m okay, stop making me seem like I’m not acting normal and find something else to occupy your time with! Go stalk a cat! God I can’t wait until you graduate. I can get the hell away from you.

And don’t think I didn’t realize what you were trying to pull with Tolo. Honestly, asking me, a girl, to tolo and saying it’s just as friends then saying we’ve gotta dress in formal when Tolo is casual? Ha! And then the movie and dinner beforehand! I’m not naive, or playing hard to get/ whatever you think I am smart one. The only reason I accepted to tolo was because of how you asked in public where people could hear, but I’ve worked my way out of that. And then the only reason I haven’t wormed my way out of the movie and dinner is because I actually want to see the movie and your paying for dinner. maybe I’m stringing you along, but you know what? If you can’t be smart enough to actually fucking see it then honestly what makes you think I’d even go out with you? And here you call me stupid.

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