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Stop talking to me…please


Posted 24th October 2011 2412

Yes, you hurt me, you destroyed me emotionally for nearly 4 years of my life. You used me for sex, company and whatever other twisted things you desired. You never gave me the place I deserved for the work I put into our “relationship”. I “broke up” with you for a reason, several of them at that. Now, stop messaging me, stop apologizing and stop telling me that you would marry me if I gave you a second chance. What makes you think that for one nanosecond I would actually consciously choose to be with YOU? You are fucked up, have no ambition, are ignorant and you don’t give two shits about what I think or care about. You have disgusting manners, no taste or class, live with your parents and have no social abilities.

I told you that I was moving on and I have been doing that for nearly 2 years and I couldn’t be more happy. Thanks to you I have fallen in love with the greatest person I have ever known and guess what, he listens, he cares, he worries, he feels and most importantly he isn’t embarrassed by my presence and isn’t afraid to give me a place in his life. He tells me that he loves me everyday, he’s cried in front of me and shared with me some of the most deeply kept secrets in his mind. He moved to the other side of the world for me, something you would have never done. He wants to get married and have children. He wants to practice law, he wants to help people, he cares about his education and he is intelligent and can hold a conversation not solely based on video games or shitty movies. He wants to know about my life and my experiences and has a wonderful memory (He remembers that my father died 8 years ago, how he died and where it happened…something you couldn’t seem to comprehend). He loves my family and would do anything for them, he isn’t scared to speak his mind and he doesn’t lie to me. We have an incredible relationship, something I will never/never had with you.

I don’t care if you ask me everyday for the rest of my life, I’m done with second chances and your paper thin marriage proposals, get a life and forget me completely.

oh and by the way…he loves having sex with me and he loves everything about my body.

emotionally relationship fucked idiot loser

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