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Stupid Boyfriend…

Posted 24th May 2012 29

I hate my roommates boyfriend. To be honest, he’s rude, careless, shallow, and the way he plays the ‘I’m trying to change myself’ card is really annoying. He has this look on his face all the time likes hes mixed between bored or high off his ass. And despite having a job as the residential assistant, he’s having a relationship with my roommate; which isn’t even allowed. He comes into our dorm with her at obnoxious hours of the night, such as 4 AM, loud and even when I ask them to be quiet politely, they continue. Before he came along, my roommate and I were cool and she understood me, now she’s a totally different person and not in the good way. I’d love to just give an anonymous tip to the director of housing and tell him they’re dating so he gets fired, but I love my roommate too much to do so. He’s a jerk and not even worth her effort… I hate myself for even venting about such a trivial problem. >;[ I just hate it how the ONE FRIEND I have at this dorm is the one that gets changed up and stops caring about anyone but her own agenda… I wish I had my friend back.

boyfriend douche

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Posted by Anonymous 28th May 2012

It wont last forever (she is just going through a wild college stage) But if you really want to get back at her do the same to her lol

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