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Stupid kids.


Posted 7th August 2009 2230

Long story short a grey and white cat comes up in my window he’s pretty skinny I feed him my cats check him out and stuff he hangs out and all that good crap. Then two stupid kids run up try to beat him with sticks and throw dirt at him the cat runs away almost into the street but turns around and stays under a car. The kids try and get him out but he doesn’t budge and they go away.

WTF is wrong with some people?

cats kids hate angry

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Posted by Anonymous 10th August 2009


Posted by anonymous 22nd December 2009

Why didn’t you call the freakin’ police? That’s animal cruelty and, kids or not, they need to be prosecuted. Don’t be a pansy.

Posted by conscience 29th November 2010

I want to say, kids these days. Truth is I think it’s been around for ever. I don’t know if parents are scared of their kids or what, but those kids have issues.

Posted by Anonymous 6th July 2011

If I was there I woulda slapped the fuck outta those kids.

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