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Stupid me


Posted 9th February 2009 914

I have seriously fallen head over heels for a guy I have never met. We told each other that we are in love a few days ago, over the phone. I know this is ridiculous, but it does feel true and the right thing to do. You must think I’m so stupid.

love ridiculous stupid confession

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Posted by Anonymous 9th February 2009




Yeah I do think you’re stupid.


Posted by Anonymous 15th February 2009

I concur

Posted by Mary 16th February 2009

I do not think your stupid. But I’d like you to keep in mind that you don’t know this person. As much as you think you know him, you don’t. So you’ve got to be careful because this world is full of bad people, otherwise go ahead, be happy :)

Posted by Anonymous 9th May 2010

I’ve also fallen in love with someone I hadn’t met before. I visited her for the first time over Christmas, and we were perfect for each other. Unfortunately, she has a girlfriend and isn’t willing to leave her for me. I really hope everything works out with this guy. Internet relationships are not wrong…just different. I wish you better luck with yours than I had with mine.

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