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Stupid men


Posted 9th February 2009 3068

So far i have slept with 12 men, they all think that they are the first man to slept with me. When i sleep with them i make sure I’m on my period so that they think I’m a virgin so when it comes to fucking i turn the lights off so then when i bleed they think its my first time. Then afterwards they are begging me to get married to them, but i laugh at them for being so stupid to think I’m a virgin :D

virgin married stupid period slut confession

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Posted by Anonymous 9th February 2009

Wow, 12 men, you must be so proud :X

Posted by Anonymous 10th February 2009

Congrats, have a medal

Posted by Anonymous 11th February 2009

Mummy? What are you doing on this site?

Posted by Nick Stone 27th February 2009

You know whats funnier? the fact that you are a very lonely person. Not only do you keep this to yourself but you are extremely bitter and cynical about the happy people surrounding you.


Posted by Anonymous 13th December 2009


Posted by Anonymous 8th February 2010

Best part is, one day one of them will lose his temper and kill you for being such a cunt.

Posted by Anonymous 30th November 2010

Troll / attention seeker much?

Posted by Anonymous 3rd January 2011

sumthins rong wit u chick lol u is soooo dum

Posted by Anonymous 13th March 2011


Posted by yup 22nd June 2011

You notice that green shit drippin from your twat yet>?

Posted by Ms. Anonymous 21st September 2011

And what is the point of this? Sounds like you have some sort of fetish about being a virgin or something…

Posted by Anonymous 24th May 2012

you my dear are a nasty ass slut and i’m sure they can tell by the fishy smell coming from your acid snatch that you are no virgin

Posted by Anonymous 6th July 2012

Lol only 12? by today’s standards that’s meager at best. you better go to a sexaholics anonymous meeting and let the circle have a go at you. at 12, it’s hard to tell if you have daddy issues or not. better prove it and show more respect for yourself….atleast get 20….lazy whore is lazy. :( don’t make them like the use to.

Posted by #damngirlyousoloose 10th October 2013

Well, well, well. . . If it isn’t another little girl with some daddy issues. From one human being to another — wait, are you whores considered humans? — anyway, I just want you to know that you need some help, you dirty, dirty STD infested slut.

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