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Such a scum bag…..


Posted 29th April 2009 2634

I’m so fucking angry at the moment. My best friend is having a long grieving process about getting over her ex fiance that up and left her for no reason. He was a huge scum bag that hurt her terribly for the past 2 years. I understand you know you love the guy and its only natural to cry. There is nothing wrong with that. But how can you not be angry so quickly. She poured her heart out to him changing everything about herself, stopped hanging with her friends, especially if he wasn’t around. And he treated her like absolute shit. He hit her, screamed at her, got into her head saying that he was the greatest thing ever, and that she should be lucky to have him. So okay mister big shot if your the greatest thing ever why you being such a fucking asshole? About two weeks ago they got into an argument and he left for a week came back, asked to have a baby together then like maybe a week later next thing she knows his shit is moved out of their apartment and he tore the place up. Then go figure he changed his number a few days ago, but still possibly kept hers, follows her around, and got a new girlfriend, said he didn’t love my friend (which of course only broke her into pieces) and had the past month been fucking his new girlfriend while he was still engaged with my friend. Not only that he has cheated on her numerous times before!!!! Now she can’t find her credit/debit card, and her bank account has been emptied. Soooo he fucked her over even more, bailed on their lease, stole her money and yet she wont call the cops yet because she’s not in her “angry” stage. How do I help her just call the cops??? Otherwise it’ll be to late and they wont do anything….

anger asshole scumbag friend guys engaged relationship stealing abuse

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Posted by Anonymous 30th April 2009

Call them for her..

Posted by Anonymous 8th June 2009

Because shes a douchebag. She can’t help it. Get busy making yourself happy instead!

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