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Suck it


Posted 15th April 2011 1716

I’m tired of your whiney little problems. I am tired of you being gross and sharing way too much about your fucking incest fantasies. I think you all suck. You’re never happy and none of you actually have real fucking problems. I hate you a lot and i want to punch you. Shut up about your stupid little tiny shits and realize how good you have it. And for the love of all that is whatever… STOP SHOWING US YOUR DISGUSTING TITS.

whiney problems sharing fucking incest fantasies stupid realize

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Posted by Anonymous 25th April 2011

i would think it would be better, at least better than misdirecting your rage (if it is in fact real and not failtroll), to talk about the real problems. Those being YOUR problems. I imagine those are the only ones that would really concern you, and it seems the point of the site. Do you actually come to complain about complaining? It is… artistic, but unoriginal.

Posted by Anonymous 26th April 2011

Hardly artistic. Just plain whiney. Say what you have to say or shut up. Simple as that.

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