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Take this job and shove it


Posted 15th December 2011 14

Dear whoever-the-hell-thinks-I?m-able-to-be-thrown-around-like-a-dirty-rag-doll

F.U.C.K. Y.O.U.!!!
I?m sick of being treated like garbage at work - and people thinking that just because I?m not a glorified teacher, I can be tossed from here to there! AND T.G. - take your nastyass dresses and holier-than-thou attitude and EAT IT. Shove it in your enormous face, and choke on it.

And B.B. - how DARE you back-stab me!! Just because you?ve been there longer than me, gives you NO RIGHT to go back on your f-ing word and make ME look like an idiot! FUCK!!! I?m glad you?re leaving - Enjoy my gift of my middle finger waving at your fat ass leave work!!

I am a person! I have a say! STOP TRYING TO SCREW ME OVER!!! If you?re going to fuck me, at least buy me dinner?.

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