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The most annoying thing ever…to me


Posted 25th November 2008 1823

Me: Would you like a bag?

Moron of the nth degree (i.e. you): No

*Blah blah you pay, I pack*


*I wait for you to fuck off, you stand there staring vacantly at me*


FUCK YOU!!!!11one

….*I smile and hand you a bag while I imagine strangling you with it in my mind*

I don’t know why it affects me so much, it’s happened in every shop I’ve worked in and it drives me insane!

degree staring vacantly imagine strangling worked drives insane customers suck rant

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Posted by fuck 26th November 2008

when the customer says: bag?

say back: NO BAG FOR YOU!

Posted by Daddy 27th January 2009

You give them a bag with a smile do you understand? Its not their fault you have a shitty job.

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