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The world is all about me….


Posted 11th January 2009 1923

Have you ever had that friend where they act as if the world is all about them? That when you talk to them, everything has to be about them? Its a bit annoying sometimes, I have a friend like that. When I’m talking to them just about anything, they always have to find a way to bring it back around to them somehow. It’s like if I’m telling them about something about me whats been going on, its all one worded, cool, sweet, uh huh, okay, etc. Or they completely ignore it and move onto them or make the situation about them….I dunno its weird its annoying, I really wish that my friend would realize this, I mean this friend is a good person just seems a little self-centered when it comes to talking. I mean I don’t mind you know going back and forth and trying to fit into the convo, but when you completely disregard or don’t show as much interest in me as much as you do yourself that’s just ignorant you know?

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Posted by understandable 11th January 2009

I totally know what ur talking about. I freakin hate people like that. U friend is a just a self centered attention whore that probably doean’t get enuff love at home or something.

Posted by Confused 11th January 2009

So how does one approach a friend about this kind of situation? I don’t know, it gets so annoying….but I want to tell them.

Posted by Anonymous 17th January 2009

There’s always the possibility that your friend doesn’t realize they are acting self-centered. Just bring up the subject lightly and talk about it. Avoid being accusatory and ensure they understand you can’t help how you feel (and it could be a simple misunderstanding). Worst case scenario: you won’t be friends anymore, but it doesn’t seem like the friendship will last/be rewarding if the current trend continues anyway. Good luck.

Posted by same boat different ocean 28th March 2012

my girlfriend to the t. The worst is she does this and half an hour later I realize I never got to finish my two-minute story!

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