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There?s a problem with your brain, it?s missing.


Posted 15th February 2012 04

So I come home from Uni and everything?s fine, we have a chat about random shit. Then I?m like ?Woah, I?m tired.? so I go to sleep. Then I wake up and go to have a cigarette, damn can?t smoke here my porch is hella soaking from the rain, better go to the laundry porch by the kitchen. You?re standing there cooking. I?m like ?Hey man.? you?re like ?EAT SHIT AND DIE? and you fuck off to your room. Honestly, what the FUCK have I done now? Like, really? I haven?t done shit, bitch I had a fucking nap. Wtf is wrong with you. You have such a pussy little issue with everything. So my flatmate tells me it?s cause apparently I was mad this morning about your FB status. I wasn?t. You weirdo. I didn?t even read it. How was I mad? I had a shower, cooked some breakfast and then I left. What the fuck did I do? Now you?re asking everyone to kick me out. Like that?s going to happen.

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